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Refined Sucrose

Powder activated carbon can be used in the syrup decolorization before crystallized refinery sugar, absorb the natural botanic pigment from cane as well as the pigments such as melanoidin and caramel pigment produced in the processing. Moreover, it can filter certain non-pigment impurities such as amino acid and glycan. Flexible usage for the guarantee of the same quality standard when the refined cane materials are from different areas.

Liquid Sugar



Citric Acid



Edible Oils

Natural Glycerol

Removal of Cocaine in Coffee/Tea

Wine, Vermouth



Beer and Malt Liquor

Rum, Vodka, Whisky

Quality Standard

This product is scientifically refined with superior sawdust and charcoal as its raw materials. Its outlook is black with developed void space, nontoxic and odorless. Featuring on large specific surface area, powerful absorptive capacity, rapid filtering, high decolorizing purity, it is widely applied in the decoloration, purification and refinery in various industries such as chemistry, pharmacy, textile, dye, food, environmental protection. For example, the decoloration, refinery, purification as well as elimination of specific smell of benzenediol, glycerol, galvanization, fluorescer, edible oil, monosodium glutamate, glucide, citric acid, industrial sewage, tap water, purified water.

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