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Air Purification

Air Purification

Advantages of air purifying special activated carbon Activated Carbon produced by Deqian Company

To be placed in various types of waste gas cleaning system

Excellent sorptive capacity due to the specific microspore size distribution and granular size

Level of gas emission far below the American and European legitimate requirement

An easy operative feeding system which can provide the perfect efficiency and reduce the consumption of activated carbon 

Maximum guarantee of storage and operative security

Easy and effective usage of sacks or power filter

Complete incineration and separation of dioxin/furan

Control of auto-ignition point

Applicable to the washing device of high density mercury

The utilization of the fixed Activated Carbon Bed in the small-scale incineration

Storage of Fruits

Apples eaten in winter are stored in the constant temperature warehouse and reserved with the control of activated carbon.

 Quality standards of certain products are as follows: 

Iodine Absorption Value ≥mg/g1050125014001500
Intensity ≥%95959595
Ash ≤%5555
Loading Density (g/cm3)390-420390-420390-420390-420
Granulity:20-70, 30-80μm

【Inspection Standard】GB/T 7702-1997

【Package】25 kilograms or 500 kilograms for Polywoven bags 

【Note】The unlisted specification and indicators are available upon clients’ request. 

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