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Pericarps Activated Charcoal

Pericarps Activated Charcoal

Apricot shell and peach shell as the raw materials, this product is manufactured through high temperature carbonization and vaporization with an appearance of amorphous particles. It is characterized by intensified mechanical strength, developed pore structure, rapid absorption, high sorptive capacity, easy regeneration and long endurance. It is mainly used in the filtering of food, beverage and pure water, the disposal of the waste water from the boiler of the power plant, the deodorization and the liquid filtering. In addition, it is supposed to effectively absorb the toxic substances such as phenol, mercury, lead, arsenic and sulphates in the water.

Granularity (mesh)4-8、6-12、8-16、10-20、20-40、40-80
Iodine Absorption Value  (mg/g)≥600≥700≥800≥900≥1000
Specific Surface(㎡/g)7508209209801080
Phenoxin (%)≥30≥35≥40≥50≥65
Intensity (%)≥97≥97≥96≥96≥95
Moisture (%)≤8≤8≤8≤8≤8
Ash   (%)≤6≤5≤5≤5≤4.5
Loading Density (g/l)580-620550-600530-580500-550450-520
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