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Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Coconut shell as the raw material, this product is manufactured through furnace with an appearance of amorphous particles. It is characterized by intensified mechanical strength, developed pore structure, rapid absorption, high sorptive capacity, easy regeneration and long endurance. It is mainly utilized in the deodorization of food, beverage, pharmacy, liquor, air purification and high purity drinking water, the elimination of the heavy metal in the water, dechlorination, and the liquid decoloration. Moreover, it is also widely used in the solvent recovery and gas separation in the chemical industry.     

Iodine Absorption Value (mg/g)≥700≥800≥900≥1000≥1100≥1200≥1500≥1600
Specific Surface(㎡/g)9001000110012001350145017001850
Ash (%)≤5≤4≤4≤3≤2.5≤2.5≤2.5≤2.5
Loading Density(g/l)580-620550-600500-550450-520430-500430-480430-480430-480

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