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Medicinal Activated Carbon

Medicinal Activated Carbon

This product is scientifically refined with superior sawdust and charcoal as its raw materials. Its outlook is black with developed void space, nontoxic and odorless. Featuring on large specific surface area, powerful absorptive capacity, rapid filtering, high decolorizing purity, it is widely applied in the decoloration, purification and refinery of the medical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, biochemical industry, food production and etc..

Indicator/TypeMedicinal Activated Carbon
Methylene Blue Adsorption Value ≥mg/g120120120130130
Quinine Sulphate Adsorption Value ≥mg/g120120120--
Moisture  ≤%1010101010
Ferric Salt  ≤%
Zincic Salt≤%0.0050.0050.020.050.05
Acid-soluble Substance ≤%
Sulphates ≤%
Chlorides ≤%
pH Value3-75-74-74-74-7
Heavy MetalsQualifiedQualifiedQualified--

【Inspection Standard】According to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia , 2015 version

【Package】15 kilograms, 20 Kilograms, 25 kilograms for Polywoven bags; 10kilograms, 15 kilograms for cartons.

【Notes】The quality indicators of the unlisted items is available upon customers’ request.

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